Thursday, 24 August 2017


What if following Jesus is about resurrection in a bigger way than people realize. Not just about rising again to new life in the future, though that is part of it. But also about the clash of two kingdoms. The kingdoms of this world bring death, His kingdom brings life. The way of man is death but the way of Christ is life. In a world consumed by violence, from physical to emotional, Jesus teaches against all violence. He goes as far as to say that to hate someone is to commit murder in your heart. He says to love even your enemies. This is in strong contrast to even our modern kingdoms and empires whose leaders threaten one another with nuclear carnage. In effect, these leaders, these blind guides, are saying they are happy to kill millions if they feel like it if it serves the agenda they follow. Happy to plunge the world into more world wars. Sadly many people support them. The heart of man can be truly wicked, but can also be truly redeemed by the Prince of Peace. He can raise hearts from violence and death to peace and new life. His resurrection power is at work turning hate to love, violence to peace, despair to hope. All his followers have a part to play in repenting of all violent thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and encouraging other to do the same. This is a counter culture not the poisonous alliance of church and state. This can only be done with the power of Ressurection, the power of a different kingdom, the power of a different kind of king, the power of Christ in us. "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God." - DTH