Sunday, 28 May 2017


Update: Yes, plain prayers is back! Since my SBLPA preacher profile (attached) was last updated so much has happened. My wife gave birth to baby Ezra. Our beautiful blessing from God. Our friendship with Bristro Craigmillar Parish, Community Church and Central Baptist has grown. They have all blessed us so much. Links community is on an extended break just now so we are less involved there. Due to work and family life the food bank and prayer Pastors for Street Pastors have been put on the back burner for now. But I continue to explore God's calling on my life. One of which is clearly to seek to be a good Father and Husband. Please pray God would help me in this. Work with Redwoods continues as do thoughts about further into the future. Pray that God will continue to use me in Redwoods and show me His way for the future also. Thanks and God bless.